Cable & Gauge Offers Classic and Stylish Staples for Real Mom Style #review #CGFashion #cableandgauge

cable & gauge Classic and Stylish fashion for real mom style!

Look down and take notice of what you are wearing right now- tee shirt and jeans, yoga pants, pjs… I will admit I am still in pjs. Women (especially moms) often fall into the rut of wearing those items because they are comfortable (both physically and emotionally).  But lets all get out of that rut- and challenge what real mom style means.  And it doesn’t mean you have to chase down what ever trend is showing up on college campuses.  Classic items, with a few trends thrown in, can help you create a timeless style profile. I was recently at a conference of bloggers (who mostly happen to be moms).  And I loved to see all their personal style shining though- and not one pair of yoga pants was there! (well at least not in public) ;)
Classic style on Cable and Gauge

That’s why, I was excited when Cable & Gauge approached me to review their clothing and give me a chance to turn up the dial on my mommy fashion. Cable & Gauge offers classic and comfortable style for women.  They have essential pieces to create a foundation for your wardrobe, as well as on trend pieces to show off your personal style.   I would have loved to try one of those fab maxi dresses- but I know my vertically challenged stature calls for a “petite” size, so I had to pass.

cable & gauge details

But I did find a great black and white striped shirt and a lace embellished waterfall cardigan, both of which I am loving!  These pieces are perfect for my “mommy lifestyle”.  Not too dressed up or too casual- and perfect for layering (mommy style must!). Jeans and tees are actually the most appropriate wardrobe for me on most days.  But again, it’s about challenging yourself to not just throw on a plain tee and be done.  Try adding a fun print (or my fave, an accessory) and it will show you had some thoughtfulness in your attire.  I love the buttons up the back on the b&w tee and the lace on the cardi.  These little details add interest and style!

I also have to mention the quality of these items.   I often find myself shopping the clearance rack at my local “supercenter” or discount department store.  And that is a perfectly fine- great way to stay in budget and add a few items to a tired wardrobe.  But sometimes the quality of those items is just not there.  Great for a few seasons of wear- but almost more like “disposable” apparel.  Not so with Cable & Gauge.  The material in these items is sooo soft and I just know these are going to be faves for many seasons to come.

I love doing my weekly NBC4 Top Deals Segment each week.  But honestly one of the things that gets a little stressful is the wardrobe. The anchors I work with always look so professional and “put-together”. I can’t wait to wear the beautiful turquoise cardi next week (pic to come).  They often tell me solid, bright colors do best on camera- so this will be perfect.  And again it will look professional yet still reflect my primary profession of MOM!

I highly encourage you to check out Cable & Gauge.  And right now if you purchase any full priced item, you can get an extra 20% off using the code M202014

I was provided the pieces in the post buy Cable & Gauge as compensation for the review.  All opinions are – truthfully – mine. 

Alternative Uses for Pool Noodles – DIY Pool Noodle Wreath

Get creative with DIY Alternative Uses for Pool Noodles!

As I was browsing Big Lots trying to decide which patio set to get for our front porch; something caught my eye. In the seasonal aisle was a tall box bursting with colorful pool noodles.  Right away my mind started to think what those fun pieces of foam could be used for- other than floating in the pool.  My thought is to write a couple posts on alternative uses for pool noodles. If you follow me on Instagram, you got a sneak peak at the first one.

DIY Pool Noodle Wreath

DIY Pool Noodle Wreath!

If you have ever bought a wreath form at a craft supply store you know they can cost anywhere from $5-$10. But a pool noodle is just $1-2 and can easily be made into a DIY wreath form.  All you need is- duct tape! I actually cut down my noodle a little so my ring was not as wide.  But literally all I did was tape the two ends together. (in the pic you can see I used  brown packaging tape, I am sure clear mailing tape or any duct tape would work too).

Easy Peasy! Pool Noodle Wreath Form

Next gather up your themed supplies.  I loved the bright red of the pool noodle and thought it would be perfectly patriotic!  I also had a scrap of that cute red, white and blue flowered fabric that would match.  And then those flowers connected another supply dot.  See their shape? Well one of the noodles I bought, had that same flowered shape! So I took a sharp bread knife and cut off the end.  Voila- cute little flower accent!

 How to cut a pool noodle for craft and DIY projects.

Another accent piece I used were those adorable felt flowers.  That’s another DIY craft project and a post for another day (they are easy peasy too!).

The next step is to get crafty!  I decided that I wanted a little bit of that fun red pool noodle to show thru- so I did not wrap the entire wreath. But that is entirely up to you.  I used fabric strips and then tacked them in place with pins.  For a more permanent option you could hot glue all your items to the wreath- just watch out for those fingers! ;) You could also use ribbon, burlap or fun patterned duct tape to cover your wreath.

pool noodle wreath close up

I think it’s fun to kind of have a “theme” for the wreath.  Mine is kind of patriotic.  But you could do beach or summer fun too.  Some other ideas for accent items are: flip flops (children’s size would work best), silk flowers, toy beach shovel, sea shells, buttons and so much more!

Have you ever made a pool noodle wreath?  What was the theme?  Send me  pic and I will add a “gallery” of your creations!

…Stay tuned for more Alternative Uses for Pool Noodles… (and send me any of your clever ideas!)