Third Thursday Repurpose: Nail Polish Alternative Uses

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repurposing nail polish alternative uses

rePurpose Nail Polish- Alternative Uses!

Often times you can find great deals (even freebies) on nail polish. Consider picking up a jar of clear nail polish and repurpose it for more than just a top coat. Or maybe you have a few colors that you just don’t wear anymore. Here are a few ideas on how to repurpose nail polish for alternative uses!

Alternative Uses for  Clear Nail Polish

Clear Polish:

  • Paint bottom rim of shaving cream can to avoid a rust ring in the shower.
  • Paint tips of ribbon to stop from fraying.
  • Paint the threads of buttons to keep in tact
  • Go old school and use it as the tired and true way to stop a run in your hose/tights.
  • “Top coat” inexpensive costume jewelry to avoid tarnishing (or turning your finger green)
  • Create your own custom color:
    • Break open a glow stick and add to clear polish for glow in dark look
    • Add in your own glitter
    • Crush up last bit of eyeshadow to create a custom color

Alternative Uses for Colored Nail Polish

Colored polish:

  • Color ID each family member’s socks (great especially if you have twins or kiddos close to the same age)
  • Use “remnant” colors to mix up your own custom color (and not waste the last bit)
  • Use as accent on just about anything:
    • House numbers
    • Hair clips
    • Model cars
    • Color code house and car keys
    • Rims of your glasses/sunglasses (Reader Melody’s daughter did this to show her own style!  Kiddos get mom’s permission first!)

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It’s time for another Thursday Repurpose post.  From time to time, I will post a great idea for repurposing items that would have been headed to the trash or recycling bin. There are so many items in our homes that we can reuse and repurpose (instead of sending to the land fill)  As my Father-in-law says “if you use something twice, it costs half as much”>>>tweet this!

Like this idea, then Pin it! Do you have an awesome repurposing or up-cycling idea?  I would love to hear about it!  Send me a picture and description to amissiontosave @hotmail .com and maybe your idea will be next month’s post (I’ll give you all the cred, promise)!

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  1. Michelle says

    I wouldn’t advise using the contents of glow sticks to make your own nail polish, the chemicals are not (as far as I’m aware) approved for cosmetic use and may be toxic!

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