Produce Saver: Yes You Can Freeze Bananas!

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Usually I would just make Banana Muffins with browning bananas. But the other day I decided to try something new. Yes you can freeze bananas!  See details on

I have mentioned before that we have a “monkey” who lives at our house. Honestly the kiddo would eat a banana (or two) everyday if he could.  But sometimes (on rare occasion) our banana’s look like the pic above and start to brown before he can get them all eaten. Even though I tell them the brown spots actually make it sweeter- there is some kind of mental block that makes them not want to eat them (KWIM).  Usually I would just make Banana Muffins (recipe coming soon).  But the other day I decided to try something new. Yes you can freeze bananas!  This trick would be awesome if you can get your hands on those manager special markdown naners too!

I tried several ways of freezing the bananas. Here are some details:

banana cookies
First I decided to cut them in slices (we call these banana “cookies” in our house.) I figured this way would make it easier to throw into a smoothie or to thaw for making bread/muffins. Kids liked them on their cereal too. I also tried dipping some in chocolate. Hey why not!  And the kids loved them for a treat!  I “flash froze” them on a cookie sheet for a few hours and then transferred them into ziploc bags and put them back in the freezer.

freeze bananas

Next I thought I would try freezing a whole banana.  I read somewhere that it kept the banana from browning more if you left it in the peel.  I would NOT recommend doing it this way.  It was a terrible mess/pain to get that peel off.  I think it worked great to peel the banana, wrap it in saran wrap and then place in a ziploc.  Then when you are ready to eat, you could peel the saran down and wrap it around the bottom to keep your hands from getting sticky.  In fact, my son asked me to freeze some “good” bananas because he really liked them frozen (especially on a hot summer day)

freeze bananas Mission to Save Monkey

As you can see, my “monkey” was one happy camper with his frozen banana experiences. So keep your eye out for those mark downs!  Are you willing to try and freeze bananas?! What other items do you freeze to help you save? (the item and $)!  Be sure to read more of my Tips for Freezing Produce here.

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    I can often get bananas even organic ones for $.29/lb at our local discount grocery store. I used to freeze them in the peel but I always had such a hard time getting them out. Like you shared. I usually chunk them up and then freeze them. My kids would love the chocolate dipped one.

    This time of year I can usually get strawberries on the cheap and I will freeze them for smoothies. I also freeze grapes for a yummy summertime snack and any leftover canned fruit for smoothies.

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