Time Saver Tips: Cutting In Butter for Recipes

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time saver tips

Sometimes you need to save more than just money- time, effort…. So here is a Time Saver Tip for you.

Check out this Time Saver Tip for Cutting in Butter (from missiontosave.com)

Tip for Cutting in Butter!

If a recipe calls for cutting in butter, I have a quick way to do this.  Pull out your cheese grater!  That’s right!  Put a mark on your butter for how much you need for the recipe, then hold the butter by the wrapper at the end and start grating!  This will make it easier to break it down with a pastry blender (or I just use a fork) when you mix the ingredients together.

Yeah, headache averted and time saved! ;)  Do you have any great Time Saver Tips?  Send them my way and I will give you the credit! :)

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  1. Elizabeth says

    If you’re doing this to make pastry, try freezing the butter for a good hour before you start (or just keep it in the freezer). The colder the butter is, the flakier the pastry will be. It also keeps it from getting as melty-gooey on the grater so more of the measured butter ends up in the recipe.


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