DIY Homemade Uncrustables Sandwiches

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DIY Homemade Uncrustables are super easy!  See how on

School time is here!  This year I have 3 lunches to be making each day! PB&J is always a winner here.  I have tried regular store bought Uncrustables for convenience, but they are pricey and my kids didn’t really like them anyway.  So I decided to try homemade uncrustables instead.

uncrustables maker

I had heard that you could buy Wonder brand sandwich sealer (aka- “uncrustables” maker) at the Dollar Tree.  Couldn’t find one at the first store, but I found success at the second! Sweet just $1. (if you can’t find them at your Dollar Tree try one of these sandwich sealers or the Pampered Chef cut n seal)

uncrustables supplies


I tried the classic Peanut Butter and Jelly.  I also threw in a Peanut Butter and “nutella” one too.  Why not!  And if you noticed, Manager’s Special Bread was perfect for this project since I knew I was going to do the whole loaf right away.  One loaf made 10 sandwiches (with 1 piece left over). I also found the good old fashioned white bread (or whole grain white) to work the best.  And closest to a square shape (not rectangular, KWIM?)

Homemade Uncrustables in 3 easy steps (on

Just 3 easy steps in using the “uncrustables” tool:

  1. Cut off crusts with the outer square (don’t throw away the crusts, they make great homemade breadcrumbs!)
  2. Spread on the desired filling.  I think it works best to spread peanut butter on both sides and then the jelly (jelly directly on the bread makes it a little soggy).  Nutella works too! :)
  3. Seal the two pieces using the inside square of the tool.

Then they are ready to EAT! OR… Freeze.  I laid mine on a cookie sheet and “flash froze” them for a couple hours.  Then I placed them all in a single ziploc and returned them to the freezer.  The “flash freezing” keeps them from sticking together in the bag.

Overall, I think this is a fabulous, cheap and convenient lunch time option (worked great for taking on vacation too!).  Have you tried homemade uncrustables?

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