DIY Gift- Rainbow Candy Jar (+ Free Printable Tags)

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Make your own DIY gift- Rainbow Candy Jar! (Free Printable too!)

I have seen several versions of these Rainbow Candy Jars on the web- so I had to make one of my own.   This obviously would be great for St. Patrick’s Day.  But would also be a fun “add on” for a kiddos birthday gift or even a Teacher appreciation gift.

Of course all those jars I have waiting to be repurposed was another inspiration. I used a jelly jar for mine.  Just be sure it is really clean- don’t want a pickle smell in with your candy! ;)

Print these (free) tags to make a cute Rainbow Candy Jar Gift


Print these (free) tags to make a cute Rainbow Candy Jar Gift


  • First divide the entire bag of Skittles by color (this is a great kid project)
  • Now layer the candy starting with Rolos, then Skittles (I stuck to ROYGBIV ;) )
  • Top it off with the Tag attached with a bit of ribbon

As I was typing up this post I realized it would have been cute to add marshmallow as the lop layer.  As the clouds! :)

Print these (free) tags to make a cute Rainbow Candy Jar Gift

Ok- I had to post this pic too.  It wasn’t the best view of the finished product.  But look at that sun shining in.  Made me smile!


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  1. Pat Morton says

    I love your St. Pat’s ideas. I found a recipe for Red Velvet People Chow for Valentines day and gave it to a few close friends and family. They will get the Rainbow Jar for St. Pat’s. Thanks for posting.

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