5 Grocery Savings Tips

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5 Grocery Savings Tips from MissiontoSave.com

I was recently discussing this very topic with a friend, so I thought it would be a great post!  There are tons of ways to save- but here are 5 to get you started!

5 Grocery Savings Tips 

Brand Name Vs. Store Brand

1. Bag the Brand Loyalty – If you can learn to use whatever product is on sale for that given week, instead of sticking with your own favorite brand, you can save a ton on your overall grocery budget. This will take some getting used to, all about creating new habits. Ok, so maybe there will be a few items you can’t part with (hubs is a Ketchup snob).  But FREE toothpaste tastes all the same to me- no matter what logo is on the package! This also goes for purchasing generic products as well. Just because an item is storebrand or generic does not mean it as the lowest price. Often you can get brand-name products for lower than generic prices when you take advantage of sale and coupons stacked together. (read more in my post brand name versus store brand)

manager's special

2. Search for Manager’s Specials and Clearance – Almost all of the meat I buy has one of those lovely manager’s special stickers on it. Manager’s specials are markdowns when an item is either damaged, reaching expiration date, or just overstocked. As for meat, many times I just throw it in the freezer to use for later. Also be on the lookout for clearance items of all kinds, that you can also use in conjunction with a manufacturers coupon for even more savings.  Often times stores will have a designated area for markdowns or look on end caps too! realistic stockpiling 3. Learn Realistic Stockpiling – The concept of stockpiling is to buy in bulk when an item is at its lowest price, so that when you need it and it’s not on sale you have plenty on hand. No I am not talking about having 100 bottles of mustard in your basement.  But the goal is to have enough on hand to get you through till the next time it is on sale (and it will be on sale again!).  And for those Freebie items- I always “buy” them! You can never have too much Free toothpaste or floss (ok, if your stockpile is overflowing, donate those Freebies).  Read more about my philosophy/tips on Realistic Stockpiling here.

Dollar Dealscvs.jpg
4. Consider Shopping at Non-Grocery Stores – drugstores and discount chains like “dollar stores” are great places to also find grocery items at lower prices. And with stores like Dollar Tree now taking coupons you can save even more. If you learn how to play the Drugstore Game, you can save on personal care, beauty items and even household products via each stores reward program. Even getting many items for FREE. And if you can get a staple item for Free, that is money that can be spent elsewhere (like on fresh produce or organic products).

coupon1 5. Last, But Definitely Not Least, Use Coupons – I know it seem cliche, but coupons are cash!  And if you can get in the habit of using them, on a regular basis, your grocery bill will be affected!  If you are new to using coupons, check out my Coupon Newbie page to get started.  Also, coupons don’t just come in the paper anymore- printable coupon and eCoupons are more great tools to help you save.  And last, let me do the matchup work for you!  Each week I post the best deals at the grocery and drug stores and just what coupons to use to score the deals.  You can also download the Favado app to have your list at your fingertips on the go! So be sure to sign up for my daily e-newsletter to stay in the know!

Do you have another great Grocery Saving Tip?  Leave a comment below!

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  1. says

    Realistic stockpiling…yes! And all your tips are great ones as well. I’d add to not be grocery-store loyal, picking up the loss leaders at various grocery stores if you are able to do so. It’s a great source of savings, especially when you have grocery stores near to one another.
    Kristen @ Joyfullythriving recently posted..All About Coupons InfographicMy Profile

  2. Tanya says

    These are great tips! I especially like the one about shopping at non grocery stores. I shop at the Dollar Tree and walgreen’s. Thanks for visiting the #throwbackthursadylinkup!


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