Toilet Paper Stock Up Standard

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You hear the phrase all the time, “flushing your money down the toilet” and when it comes to Toilet Paper, basically that’s really what you are doing! It’s just a reality. However, you can be smart about just how much is flushed (Money that is, not the paper. Trust me with kids in the house, I have yet to find the trick to get them to use the “proper” amount).

A while back I heard a “formula” that has changed the way I buy TP. I call it the TP Stock Up Standard. It is a simple way to know whether or not a TP price is worth stocking up on. With rolls sizes differing so much between the brands, it makes much better sense to look at the total square foot instead of rolls. Here’s how it works:

Easy way to figure out good price on toilet paper: The TP Stock Up Standard!

Look for the total square foot of the package (usually on the front, bottom area). In your mind, move the decimal point back to the left two spaces. If the price (after sale and coupons) is less than or equal to the number, buy it — basically $0.01 or less per square foot! So… A stock up price on a 600 square foot package of TP is $6.00 or less. Got it? No more calculator in the aisle trying to figure out roll vs. sheet. I love ways that make it easy to know I am saving!

Do you have a way to calculate a stock up price? Or another strategy to help you save? Let me know! Leave a message in the comments or drop me an email! Would love to hear from you!

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