Thursday Repurpose: Way to Save on Printing Coupons – Recycle School and Business Paper

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implement the back side of the paper rule.  This means we use recycled business papers (from my in-laws) and school papers for crafting, general printing and especially coupon printing.

Ok, so I am not the greenest person I know.  But here is one thing my family does to be try to be more “green” and save some money too- implement the back side of the paper rule.  This means we use recycled business papers (from my in-laws) and school papers for crafting, general printing and especially coupon printing.  Maybe even ask a local business or school if you could have the paper from their recycling bins.

Not only is this FREE but it saves the papers from headed into the land fill, just yet.  FYI-Just a word of warning, sometimes I do get a funny look from the cashier when I hand over a printable coupon with math facts or a Noah’s Ark coloring page on the back.  But I just smile and say it’s recycled! :)

I have a neat (growing) board on my Pinterest page called “Repurposing”.  Some of the ideas are my own, and some are great pins from others.  But they all are ways to reuse items and keep them out of the land fills.  Many will make you say “why didn’t I think of that?!” Hey sounds like the name of a Pinterest Board in the making!  Create your own Recycling/Upcycling board and Pin a few of your faves.

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    I love to see people re-using paper! I am a huge green freak, my husband and I even had an eco-green wedding. I know this stems from my childhood. My father is a chemist. When I was a little girl the only paper we had in the house were his old printed journal articles. All of my drawings from childhood are on the back of chemical structures. On my first day of kindergarten I remember asking my mom if I could have my own “plain” (as in new) paper to take to school.

    I still re-use paper to this day, but never thought about using it to print my coupons. Thanks for the tip

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    This is a great idea!! We are trying to recycle more and more…we still have a long way to go, though!! Our latest “repurposing” project is turning our swing set into a chicken coop! My husband is doing a great job! :)


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