Third Thursday Repurpose Pringles Can as Boot Shaper!

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Repurpose Pringles Cans for Boot Shaper

It’s time for the Third Thursday Repurpose post.  Each month I bring you a great idea for repurposing items that would have been headed to the trash or recycling bin. There are so many items in our homes that we can reuse and repurpose (instead of sending to the land fill)  As my Father-in-law says “if you use something twice, it costs half as much”>>>tweet this!

This month’s is pretty self explanatory.  Boot season is upon us and instead of them being in a limp pile at the bottom of your closet, Repurpose Pringles can to help retain their shape and keep them lined up neat too.  This idea is even better because, you may have even picked up some Free Multigrain Pringles last week at Kroger.  So truly, you paid nothing for a tasty snack and got a solution to a shoe dilemma as a bonus.  Love it!

I have a neat (growing) board on my Pinterest page called “Repurposing”.  Some of the ideas are my own, and some are great pins from others.  But they all are ways to reuse items and keep them out of the land fills.  Many will make you say “why didn’t I think of that?!” Hey sounds like the name of a Pinterest Board in the making!  Create your own Recycling/Upcycling board and Pin a few of your faves.  If you ever see an idea on Mission: to Save you want to Pin, use the handy “Share the Knowledge” tool at the bottom of each post.

Find this on the LWSL Thrifty Thursday linky too!

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