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Earlier today I reminded you that it is Mega Swag Bucks Day.  But have you been getting your Daily Three- SwagBucks earning opps that is…

The Daily Earnings Checklist is located on the right side of the Swagbucks homepage, just below the Daily Earning Meter. It lists three ways to get easy Swag Bucks: Toolbar, Daily Poll and NOSO. Clicking on any of the items in the checklist takes you to that item. You’ll notice that as you earn from each item, a green check will appear to confirm that you’ve completed that task. (For all you Type “A”ers who like to check things off your list!)

  1. Toolbar: If you have already installed the toolbar, you’ll get an automatic Swag Buck each day. It’s as simple as that!
  2. Daily Poll: Once you give your answer, you’re awarded a Swag Buck and you get to see the latest results for that question. While you can go back and answer questions from previous days that you missed, you’ll only get that one Swag Buck reward for answering the current question.
  3. NOSO: The No Obligation Special Offers, or NOSO for short, award you 2 Swag Bucks each day for viewing a series of quick offers. You’ll be presented with a string of offers that you can skip or sign up for. At the end, you’ll see a phrase or puzzle to type into an entry box. Once you’ve correctly completed that phrase/puzzle, you’ll receive your 2 SBs for that day. Please note that NOSOs are only available to users age 18 or older.

Are you earning on Swagbucks?  How do you earn your bucks?  What are you saving up for?  Still need more info on this awesome rewards program.  Read- What is Swagbucks?!

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