Knockoff Rainbow LOOM BANDS Set for $10.20!

Loom Bans Kits for less!


Are your kiddos obsessed with these things?!  Rainbow Loom Bands are all the rage!  (Go Figure!).  Today on Plum District (Daily Deal Site) you can get a  600 loom bands in assorted colors, 1 loom board, 24 S clips, and 1 loom hook tool set for $12 + $2 shipping.

Loom Bans Kits for less!


OR Snag a second set and use code LOOM2 to get 15% off.  That brings it down to $10.20 per set (+ the shipping).  This is a great price for a set that also includes the loom board (“real” Rainbow Loom Set comparison price).  Please note this is a “generic” set but the price is right!

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 10.44.46 AM



UPDATE! This deal just got better! Check out the banner at the top of the Plum District site.  If you make a $15 purchase (you will with 2), you will receive a FREE subscription to Family Fun Magazine.  BUT if you don’t want the mag, you can submit a form for a rebate! Since the value of the mag is $10, that’s how much the refund should be.  That means your 2 looms will only cost $5.20 ea (+ shipping)! I have done these magazine rebate offers before.  They work!

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  1. A concerned consumer says

    WARNING – this is NOT the same layout as the real “Rainbow Looms” . The rows of pegs on the ‘real’ loom are offset, one row has 1 peg & the next has 2 pegs, while on the knockoff, the all 3 pegs are in the same row.

    This means the published patterns are hard to follow. Also the knock-off has very minimal directions.

    • says

      We have the official rainbow loom, and you can take the base parts off to change the loom to be “side by side” for certain patterns. I can’t tell from this photo but does this generic loom offer the same? Can you change the base to make it offset as well?

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