Printable Coupons & eCoupons 101

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Printable Coupons and eCoupons 101Coupons are not just found in the newspaper anymore.  The internet has opened a new world for the couponer.  Here is some valuable information on printable coupons and eCoupons (or digital coupons).

Printable Coupons


Printable coupons are manufacturers coupons that can be printed from the internet.  Most of the time a coupon can be printed 2 times per computer (not printer).  To get a second print, hit the “back” browser button and/or “refresh” the page.  In order to print the coupons, you will be asked to download a printer software.  Don’t worry, it is a quick process and the printable sites I mention have never given me any problems.

Because printable coupons are manufacturer coupons, you can use them almost anywhere you use regular insert coupons. Some store do have coupon policies that restrict or deny the use of printable coupons (but this is becoming less prominent).  And some stores like Target and CVS offer store coupons that can be printed.  Because these are store coupons, they can then be “stacked” with manufacturer coupons for greater savings.

Printable coupons can be found on manufacturer websites, Facebook, enewsletters and coupon specific sites.  The following are my favorite printable coupon sites:



eCoupons or digital coupons are also becoming very popular.  No clipping necessary!  Just create an account, add your store shopper card info (CVS, Kroger, Giant Eagle, etc) and then load coupons directly onto your card.  When you check out, be sure to scan your shopper card and the coupons will automatically be deducted.  This is great for those who do not have a newspaper subscription or who tend to forget their coupons at home! 😉  One word of warning on eCoupons.  If your store offers double coupons, eCoupons will NOT double.  Also most stores, like Kroger will not allow you to “stack” an eCoupon with a paper coupon.  So, if you have a $0.50 eCoupon for cereal loaded on your card, but you have a paper coupon that is worth $1- the system will not let you use the paper coupon.  eCoupons always override paper.  So I suggest only adding eCoupons that are high value or you know you can’t find a paper for. Here are some of the sites that offer eCoupons:

There are two other eCoupon sites that work in just a little different way, Upromise and SavingStar.  Both of these sites do not take off your savings at the register like traditional paper and eCoupons.  Instead, they make a “deposit” of the discounted amount into your account.  Upromise eCoupon savings obviously go toward your college savings account.  And with SavingStar, once you account reaches $5 you can choose to get your cash via bank deposit, PayPal or Amazon gift card.  Sweet!

grocery rebate apps.jpg

Grocery Rebate Apps


And now “rebate” apps have joined the line up.  These apps allows you to earn even more on your purchases and deposit your savings in a Paypal account, redeem for a gift card or donate to a charity. Definitely check out Ibotta, Checkout 51 and Shopmium (use code GHHAHFTE to sign up and get a Freebie).  Find out more details on these programs in the links below:

That should about cover the basics.  If you ever have any questions please contact me or leave a comment on the Facebook wall.  See all of my most recent posts about printable coupons or eCoupons.  Looking for a specific coupon?  Search my Coupon Database.

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