Pass the Peace: Donate Bouquet to Local Hospital

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When trying to come up with a catchy name for this monthly post series on random acts of kindness, my husband suggested “passing the peace“. At first, I literally LOLed.  If you aren’t a church goer you might get the wrong impression! But then the name grew on me.  Each month (Second Tuesday) I will post a suggestion on a Free (or inexpensive) way to pass a little peace along to a friend, neighbor or stranger.  And as the Sunday morning interaction goes, “Peace be with you”…”And also with you!”

Remember those Manager Special flowers I got on the cheap?  Next time you see a bouquet of marked down flowers, buy them- but not for yourself.  Use an old pickle or jelly jar as a vase and take them to your local Hospital or Senior Citizens home.  Tell the receptionist to share them with, “someone who needs some extra love”.  The nurses/staff will know who needs them the most!

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