7+ Ways to Save at Chick-fil-A

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Ways to Save at Chick-fil-A

In case you didn’t know, I LOVE Chick-fil-A! (My social media shout outs give it away).  But I realize that it is on the pricey side for “fast food” (you really are paying for the quality!).  But don’t fret!  I have some great tips for How to Save Money at Chick-fil-A!

Chick-fil-A 2013 Calendar

Annual Cow Calendar and Savings Card

This is by far the best way to keep saving at Chick-fil-A all year long.  At the end of the year, all Chick-fil-A locations sell a Cow Calendar.  Along with the kitchy pics of cows dressed up in silly scenarios- you get a Coupon Card too.  This card is loaded with a special Freebie offer for each month of the year.  Simply order the current month’s offer, swipe your card and voila it’s free!  There is everything from a Free Coffee, to a whole sandwich to surprise offers.  If you use even 2-3 of the 12 offers you will have paid for the cost of the calendar.  And since they are sold near Christmas- they make great gifts too!  Two things to remember about the offers- you must have the card in order to redeem that month’s offer and once the month ends the offer is gone (use it or lose it).

Cow Appreciation Day

My favorite day of the year!  Every July, Chick-fil-A hosts the nationwide Cow Appreciation Day.  All locations give away meals for customers who come in dressed like a cow.  Every year my entire herd (including extended family) dress from hoof to head to enjoy a Free meal together. Not only is it a flat out fun day, but how generous too!  Just another way that Chick-fil-A show how much they value their customers.  (Take a looks at my easy tips for cow appreciation day costumes)

 Chick-fil-A Ice Dream

Kids Meal Toy Trade In for Free Ice Dream

If your kiddos are like mine, they have too many books and toys already- we really don’t need another kid’s meal prize.  So many locations have the option to trade a kiddie size Ice Dream cone for the kids meal book or toy.  Have your child take the book/toy (unopened) back up to the register and ask to trade it in for Ice Dream.  My store also adds sprinkles for free!

Local Store Specific Promotions

Chick-fil-A store locations are all franchises, owner operated.  That means each owner is free to have their own special promotions.  Whether it’s monthly Family Nights, Freebie promotions for Facebook fans, or events in the community; Chick-fil-A stores are full of great activities and promotions.  My store, Chick-fil-A on Sawmill Road is always coming up with great family activities and ways to give back (like freebies on Memorial Day, 9/11 and Good Grades too). Each store will have their own Seniors and Military offers too. The best way to find out about these promotions is to follow your local store on Facebook and or subscribe to their eNewsletter. Find your nearest Chick-fil-A location.


Don’t forget to check the bottom of your receipt.  Sometimes you will find a random coupon at the bottom of your receipt.  Now that’s an awesome way to get me to come back!  Usually the coupon comes in the form of a code received after filling out a quick survey.  I have gotten Free sandwiches and free drinks.  Also, Chick-fil-A franchises love to be a part of community activities.  So when you are at a VBS, community carnival or sporting event- be on the lookout for the Chick-fil-A Cow!  He (or she or the “kid” ones too) might just have a hoof full of coupons to pass out.  And unlike the card from the cow calendar, some locations will take expired paper coupons from community events.

Free WiFi

One of my fave spots to “work” when the kiddos are in school is Chick-fil-A, all thanks to the Free WiFi!  I have mentioned before that using Free WiFi is the single best way to save on monthly cell phone data usage. After you sign in once, each time you enter the store you should be prompted to “sign in” to use the free service. Just another great customer perk!

Chick-fil-a Kids Club

Kid’s Club Perks

As mentioned above, each store runs events specifically for their location.  Some stores are participating in the Kid’s Club program. The official Chick-fil-A Kid’s Club meets once a month and often has activities based around a character trait.  When you sign up your kiddos for the program, you will also get a Welcome pack. They will get their own Kid’s Club Card and usually some coupons and other goodies too.  Again, be sure to check with your store for participation.

Tips on ways to save at Chick-fil-A
These are the best 7 ways to save money at Chick-fil-A.  But there are some other perks that are worth noting too.

Mom’s Valet

Some locations have what’s called the “Mom’s Valet” program.  This is such a time and sanity saver for moms (and my store extends it to “child caretaker” with kids in tow).  So when the kiddos are with you, place your order in the drive thru- let them know it’s for moms valet.  Then you go park, haul in the kids and find a seat.  You meal will be brought right to your table.  Such awesome customer service! (Remember offers like these are not available at all locations, ask your local store if they offer a similar service).

Backstage Tours

Ever wonder how that classic chicken sandwich is made? Or are all those salads really fresh made in the store?  Then ask if your store offers a Backstage Tour.  I was blown away by the care and preparation that goes into each item on the menu.  It certainly gave me a better perspective on the prices too (definitely getting fresh products and high quality!).  If your store offers the Tours, be sure to call ahead to make arrangements.

Store VIP A- List Program

Some participating locations have a VIP program called the Chick-fil-A A List. This program is meant for the most loyal customers at that particular location.  Swipe your card each visit and rack up points toward free food. A listers are also invited to special events and more.  Once again, this is a program that is not offered at all locations, so ask if your store is participating (Mine does not).

First 100

When a new stores opens, Chick-fil-A Restaurants often run a First 100 promotion.  This means that the First 100 people in the store will win the grand prize of 1 free Chick-fil-A sandwich a week, for a whole year!  This prize is so awesome that yes people camp out to be the first 100 in line to win.  See the details on First 100 here.

Did you know about all these ways you can save at Chick-fil-A? Which one was new to you?  Which is your fave way to save? Have another one to add or just want to profess your love of Chick-fil-A? Leave your comments in the “Reply” field below.

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I am a proud member of both the national Chick-fil-A Moms Panel and a Chick-fil-A Sawmill Rd Mom Ambassador.  I love promoting this amazing company and their quality product!

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