Rest Easy on a Serta Mattress from Big Lots #BigLotsFirst [ad]

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Rest Easy with a  Serta Mattress from  Big Lots

18 years ago we were newlyweds moving into a (very) small apartment to start our life together.  Andy had a full size bed and we planned on just sleeping cozy in it. However, after about a month we realized a King size bed may help us live “happily ever after”.  (Remember- hubs is 6 foot 6!)


And 18 years later we were still sleeping on that same King size bed.  For our anniversary this year we decided it was time to look for a new mattress.

Big Lots Serta Mattresses

We headed to Big Lots First, and didn’t look anywhere else.  After seeing they carry Serta mattresses (in several different model options) we were sold.  We also weren’t ready to jump to a completely foam mattress, so we loved the Coil/Foam combo of the Serta® Perfect Sleeper® Hampton Bay Super Pillowtop King Mattress.

Serta Mattress at Big Lots

Here are some details on this particular model:

Smart Surface™ with Cool Balance® and BodyLoft®
Exclusive design works to provide pressure relieving comfort and a balanced sleep temperature right at the sleep surface

Cool Twist™ GEL Memory Foam
Exclusive liquid-gel enhanced memory foam provides pressure relieving comfort and helps move heat away from your body, to promote a balanced sleep temperature

Free Flex® Innerspring System with TrueSense™ Coils
Patented and exclusive TrueSense® coil design helps promote undisturbed sleep by adjusting to support you while reducing motion transfer.

Rest Easy on a Serta Mattress from Big Lots

 Ahhh- from the moment we laid down on this mattress we knew we made the right decision.  Just the right mix of support and comfort.  Shortly after we got the new mattress we went on vacation (staying in two different hotel rooms).  Several times we commented on how we couldn’t wait to get back to our Serta from Big Lots!

Serta Mattress Pad at Big Lots

I love that I could also pick up a great mattress pad cover at the same time.  I found this great Serta® Magic Gel Mattress Pad at Big Lots too.  In the past we have bought mattress pads for our King size bed and inevitably they “pop off” the corners.  We always seemed to be fighting to keep them on.  This mattress pad stays put! And it adds just one more layer of cushion.

Big Lots Memory Foam Pillow

There is one more thing I have to mention.  I have tried memory foam pillows over the years- and hated them.  They were just too big and bulky. And often they are super pricey too!  I had all but given up on trying them anymore- but figured why not one more.  I am so glad I did!  I found this Biopedic® Gel Top Memory Foam Pillow and am in love! This pillow gives great support and comfort without being bulky. And look at that price, love it! (online price may vary a little from in store)  I *might* have even brought this baby along on one of our trips this summer.  Just can’t live without it now.

Are you in the market for a new mattress, bedroom suit, bedding or pillows? Maybe need these things for a dorm room?  I definitely recommend trying BIG LOTS FIRST!  

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As a Big Lots Ambassador, I love sharing info with you about this Columbus based company. I was compensated by Big Lots for this post. All opinions are my own, and yes I am a Big Lots shopper.


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