Alternative Uses for Pool Noodles – DIY Pool Noodle Wreath

Get creative with DIY Alternative Uses for Pool Noodles!

As I was browsing Big Lots trying to decide which patio set to get for our front porch; something caught my eye. In the seasonal aisle was a tall box bursting with colorful pool noodles.  Right away my mind started to think what those fun pieces of foam could be used for- other than floating in the pool.  My thought is to write a couple posts on alternative uses for pool noodles. If you follow me on Instagram, you got a sneak peak at the first one.

DIY Pool Noodle Wreath

DIY Pool Noodle Wreath!

If you have ever bought a wreath form at a craft supply store you know they can cost anywhere from $5-$10. But a pool noodle is just $1-2 and can easily be made into a DIY wreath form.  All you need is- duct tape! I actually cut down my noodle a little so my ring was not as wide.  But literally all I did was tape the two ends together. (in the pic you can see I used  brown packaging tape, I am sure clear mailing tape or any duct tape would work too).

Easy Peasy! Pool Noodle Wreath Form

Next gather up your themed supplies.  I loved the bright red of the pool noodle and thought it would be perfectly patriotic!  I also had a scrap of that cute red, white and blue flowered fabric that would match.  And then those flowers connected another supply dot.  See their shape? Well one of the noodles I bought, had that same flowered shape! So I took a sharp bread knife and cut off the end.  Voila- cute little flower accent!

 How to cut a pool noodle for craft and DIY projects.

Another accent piece I used were those adorable felt flowers.  That’s another DIY craft project and a post for another day (they are easy peasy too!).

The next step is to get crafty!  I decided that I wanted a little bit of that fun red pool noodle to show thru- so I did not wrap the entire wreath. But that is entirely up to you.  I used fabric strips and then tacked them in place with pins.  For a more permanent option you could hot glue all your items to the wreath- just watch out for those fingers! ;) You could also use ribbon, burlap or fun patterned duct tape to cover your wreath.

pool noodle wreath close up

I think it’s fun to kind of have a “theme” for the wreath.  Mine is kind of patriotic.  But you could do beach or summer fun too.  Some other ideas for accent items are: flip flops (children’s size would work best), silk flowers, toy beach shovel, sea shells, buttons and so much more!

Have you ever made a pool noodle wreath?  What was the theme?  Send me  pic and I will add a “gallery” of your creations!

…Stay tuned for more Alternative Uses for Pool Noodles… (and send me any of your clever ideas!)