Lookout for Wendy’s Free Frosty Key Tag!

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Be on lookout for Wendy's Free Frosty Key Tag

During Christmas break we took a cross country trip to Colorado.  In some state between here and there (Indiana maybe) I found a Wendy’s selling the infamous Free Frosty Key Tags.  I bought one of these rare finds because I have never seem them in Columbus.  BUT… Yesterday I had my first Buckeye sighting!

The Wendy’s on 23 in Lewis Center is selling the Wendy’s Free Frosty key tags!  They sell for $1, of which the money goes to Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, and then you get a Free Jr. Frosty with every use until Aug 31, 2014. This would make a fun little gift to slip in a Easter Basket or Birthday card.

If that Central Ohio location is selling them, I would say keep a look out for other locations too.  Also, I have been using my “out of state” tag here in Columbus without any problem.  So you don’t have to use it where you bought it.  If you have multiple kids, you will have to buy one for each kiddo (and they may have to ring up separate transactions).

Let me know if you see these tags at a Wendy’s near you!

Thanks to Mission Savers Facebook Group member Mary for letting us know she found them on Busch Blvd in Columbus too! And Jenny found them at Hamilton Rd, Gahanna.

Yeah! And I found them at Carriage Place on Sawmill Rd!

AND!  For a limited time, Kids Meals at just $1.99 after 4 pm!

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