Kroger Cincinnati Region Will Stop Doubling Coupons!

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Kroger Cincinnati Region Stops Doubling Coupons

Sad news coming out today for Kroger shoppers in the Cincy area.  Kroger Cincinnati Region (Cincy, Northern KY and Dayton) will stop doubling coupons.  Starting March 1st, they will now only accept the face value of paper coupons.  They claim that their “New Lower Price” changes will offset this change.  However, we all know those doubles add up to big savings!

Kroger Ad Matchups

They will continue to with promotions like Mega Sale, 10/$10 and Fuel Rewards. They will also continue to accept all paper coupons (Internet Printable, Coupon Insert Coupons, Blinkies, Tear Pads, Peelies, BOGO and Free Product Coupons).  Currently, Kroger coupon policy states “Only two (2) internet coupons per manufacturer per customer, per day.” Also this infamous wording remains, “The store manager has the right to accept, decline or limit the use of any coupon.”

With Kroger’s corporate headquarters being in Cincinnati, it seems inevitable that doubling is doomed chain wide.  However, in response to my facebook opinion this morning, Kroger did state that Columbus will continue to double… for now (my words!)

So what are your thoughts?  If your Kroger stops doubling, will you be headed elsewhere?

UPDATE: I shared my concerns again on Facebook.  I told them you all are “real people” just trying to save (not extremists).  Kroger responded with a list of “promotions” they will contunue to offer.  Do you think these really make up the difference (I had $16 in doubled coupons alone today!):

*Fuel Savings program offering our customers up to $1.00 off per gallon at Kroger Fuel Centers
*$4/$10.00 Generic Prescription Program
*10% Case Wine Discount
*Digital Coupons downloadable to your Plus Card on
*Kroger mailers containing coupons targeted to YOUR household purchases
*In addition to lowering everyday prices, will continue to offer hot weekly features
*We will continue to hold Special Event sales (i.e 10/$10, Buy 5 Save $5, .99 cent, Mega)

Thanks to Stockpiling Moms for the details from their meeting with Corporate yesterday.

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  1. Marie says

    I really am not surprised by this news given so many areas around the country don’t have these “perks” anymore. I think it is a matter of time before it hits this area also. My fear is that other stores might follow suite, like Meijer. Or Target may discontinue stacking of coupons. If stores want your business they are going to have to offer up some type of incentive since there is so much competition out there for our hard earned $$$. I guess for now we should be thankful and stockup while we can still earn double coupons.

  2. Patricia says

    Marie, you have very strong points, I agree with you 100%. I would like to add I do shop at kroger for most of my families needs, I have a big crew, I would have to say that if Kroger stopped doubing, then I would feel they let us down, when my crew helps keep them going, because our $$$ is spent there more than once a week. So If they stop, My crew will not shop there

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