Jingit $100 VIP Check In Challenge!

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Jingit $100 VIP Check In ChallengeOn most nights thru the rest of October, Jingit is giving you the opportunity to earn $100 by using your Jingit Mobile App to Check In AT HOME with a JELL-O 4-pack!

Jingit App

To participate all you have to do is:

  • Check In at Walmart with the JELL-O 4-pack (do this now to be ready for the Challenge nights)
  • Purchase the JELL-O 4-pack that you scanned at Walmart.
  • Keep your JELL-O 4-pack box to scan at home (no you can’t be in the store).
  • Check in on the Jingit Facebook page to confirm if a Challenge is happening any given night.
  • Be the first person to complete the JELL-O 4-Pack $100 VIP Check In at 7:00pm CST/ 6:00 EST!
  • Receive $100. Yay!

So you can imagine that for $100, you won’t be the only one trying for the offer. If someone beat you to it, you might get an error message or not see at it all. Don’t freak out! That means, you didn’t get it this time, but you should save the box for the next time.

This is only available for people who have completed the JELL-O 4-Pack Check In at Walmart. And this is a single engagement with only one person per day being able to complete it and instantly having the $100 added to their Jingit Balance.

Surprisingly, I do not have a smartphone.  So I can’t “compete” for the $100 Challenge offers.  But those of you with smartphones should definitely try this one out.  If you do, let me know your experience- especially if you win!!

Want to learn more about Jingit?  First read the Jingit introduction post, then check out my Jingit Category to find out the latest earning opportinites.

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