DIY Halloween Costumes on a Budget!

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DIY Halloween Costumes from Mission to Save   DIY Halloween Costumes (On a Budget) from

Growing up, my mom always made our Halloween costumes.  Sure there were years that I just wanted the store bought fad everyone else had.  But mostly, I loved being able to have my own unique costume (the theatre girl in me coming out).  And so I have continued the tradition with my kiddos! We don’t believe in the “scary” stuff of Halloween.  Instead we celebrate the creativity and imaginations we have been blessed with. Using the thrift store, sewing machine, dad’s workshop and the occasional store bought item to pull it all together- and my kids have the costume of their imaginations.

I have had the privilege recently to share some of my DIY Halloween Costumes on and  Check out my posts there with details on the following costumes:

On find details on :

Cat in the Hat Thing 1 and Thing 2 Costumes

The Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 & Thing 2

Buzz Lightyear Costume

 Buzz Lightyear


poison ivy costume

A Fairy (or Poison Ivy)

diy riddler costume

The Riddler

On find details on:


DIY Bee Costume on




DIY Jedi Knight Costume on


Jedi Knight


DIY Princess Leia Costume on


Princess Leia


identity thief costume on


“Identity Thief”

If you like a costume on those posts, be sure to leave a comment, tweet, “like” it, or pin it! :) I would appreciate it! :)

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