CVS 101

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If you are new to couponing it takes a little time to figure out each store’s way of offering sales, coupons and savings in general. Here are some basics for shopping at CVS.

What are Extra Care Bucks? CVS Extra Care Bucks or ECBs are rewards that you will receive for purchasing specific items at CVS. ECBs are basically store credits that can be used for future purchases. Always have your cashier scan your Rewards Card first so that you do not miss out on any Extra Care Bucks! Don’t have an ECBs card yet,get one today!

How will I know what products are issuing ECBs? Each week the Extra Care Buck deals are advertised in the weekly circular. The advertisement will indicate the limit allowed per card for that deal.

How do I get my ECBs? After you have purchased the required item(s) and checked out, the Extra Care Bucks will print at the end of your receipt. You can check the end of the receipt to see if you have purchased the maximum allowed on that particular deal. In some instances, you will find that the limit has been increased. You will earn 2% cash back in the form of Extra Care Bucks on every purchase in-store and online. Every three months these Extra Bucks will print out at the end of your receipt.

The ECBs prescription program as recently changed.  Now when you fill 10 prescriptions, you earn $5 ExtraBucks Rewards.  You must join ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards  in order to receive these rewards.

What is “rolling ECBs”? Rolling ECBs is when you use ECBs that you have earned from one promotion to purchase ECBs from the current week’s promotion. The goal in playing “the drugstore game” is to pay the least amount possible out of pocket each week, by using the previous week’s ECBs earnings.

What is a CRT? A CRT is a CVS coupon that can print at the end of your receipt OR from the “magic machine” in store. You can scan your ECB card daily (twice sometimes) at the Red Coupon Box and receive from one to several coupons. These coupons are CVS store coupons that can be stacked with Manufacturer’s coupons. The coupons at the Red Box change at the beginning of each week and generally include generic coupons or $/$$ coupons.

To be victorious in “the drugstore game”, be sure to check out my Weekly CVS Matchup Deals. I highlight the deals that give you the most bang for your Extra Care Buck!

CVS matchups

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