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During this season I have been searching the net for all the best deals for your family to save.  But have you considered shopping for your energy provider to help you save?!  Personally, we have played the cable and even insurance “games”, but not yet looked into shopping around for energy savings.  What about looking into ChooseEnergy? Here is a little more about what they provide:

  • Head over to, type in your zip code and find an energy solution that fits your budget from the best suppliers out there – you can save up to 25 percent just by switching your energy provider. Best of all, they’ll make the switch for you.

I have to say what I found is quite intriguing.  There is a line on my current AEP bill that states, if I am comparing prices- the competition needs to beat “7.9 cents per KWH for the same usage that appears on this bill.”.  According to ChooseEnergy, they have a 12 month plan that would be just 6.49 cents per KWH!  Wow, now that has my attention and warrants a closer look.

choose energy price comparison

Do you need even more incentive to get online and switch? Visit ChooseEnergy today, find a provider that fits your needs.  If you decide to switch to their services, you could win three months of free electricity from Choose Energy (up to $350 fulfilled via a Visa gift card). Head over to ChooseEnergy to get started today!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for ChooseEnergy.  I have yet to try their service myself, but will be taking a closer look.  All opinions are my own, Disclosure Policy. See giveaway terms and conditions here.

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