Buy Christmas Clearance Wrapping Paper Now to Use All Year!

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Clearance Christmas  Wrapping Paper now to use for year long gifting!

Coming very soon is one of my most favorite times of the year- end of season clearance!  One item I ALWAYS stock up on after Christmas is wrapping paper.  Sure those snowmen and Santa pics are perfect for under next years tree.  But… What do all of the rolls in the pic above have in common?  Yep, I bought them all during Christmas clearance.  Yeah, even that Green Lantern roll was part of the “Christmas” wrapping paper.  With such generic designs, this Christmas clearance wrapping paper lasts me the entire year of gift giving. Same goes for the ribbons, bows, tissue paper and bags you see in the clearance aisles. Also be on the lookout for tape and scissors.  Othen these have special seasonal packaging that will cause them to be put on clearance too.

See that gift below? Perfect for a birthday party my daughter was invited to in November!

clearance christmas wrapping paper on a birthday gift

As a general rule of thumb, here is when you can expect Holiday (not just Christmas) discounts to drop:

  • 2-3 days after holiday: 50% off
  • 5-6 days after holiday: 70-75% off
  • 8 days after holiday: 90% off (if anything is left)

This is really just a rule of thumb, you may even start to see some of those discounts starting the day before the holiday or even 30%-50% off  a week before the holiday hits. (For instance Big Lots already has Christmas Clearance up to 50% off.) And always try to think ahead and outside the box.  Those red napkins and plates in the Christmas clearance will be perfect for the school Valentine’s Party.

So what is your favorite Clearance buy? Do you stock up on the wrapping paper too!?

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    An excellent tip. I already know I want to plan next year’s Christmas decorating by getting clearance items after the Holidays. I hope you will come and share this on Thank Goodness It’s Thursday on Jordan’s Onion – the party is live now.

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