Black Friday: Yea or Nay?

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Black Friday ecard humor

You may find this hard to believe, but I have never stepped foot in a store on Black Friday. I am just not a big fan of the drama surrounding Black Friday in store deals. I personally prefer to stay in my PJs (so to speak) and order some of these great deals online (and get the cash back for them too). And in the past 5 years,  the 6-7 days BEFORE Black Friday have actually seen the best deals.

But I realize that Black Friday sales can be amazing and can help to stretch your giving budget during the holidays. Plus I know of several families (like loyal reader Karen W.) who have really fun family traditions with this marathon day of shopping.

So have no fear, I will be posting some of the best Black Friday deals out there. Along my side bar you will (soon) see a Holiday Deals button. Click that to find the current Black Friday and Cyber Monday posts. I will also be adding a category at the top of my “Ways to Save” drop down in the navigation bar called “Black Friday” Please note, I will not be able to cover all the stores but will do my best.

One thing that bargain hunters often struggle with is, did I get the absolute rock bottom price? And Black Friday’s frenzy can play into this stress. I would just encourage you to let it go! (speaking to myself too). Sure you may be able to get a better deal, but what is the time and cost to your family? (again speaking to the choir here). Let’s try to keep everything in perspective this holiday season.

Here are just a few Black Friday tips to consider if you plan on braving the stores:

  • If you are trying to get a door buster item, be sure to read the fine print on quantity limits. Bring the ad if possible just in case.
  • Price matching is your friend. This can save you from running to all the stores. Although it can be tricky on Black Friday, some stores will still price match on Black Friday.  For instance read about Walmart’s Christmas price match (2013)
  • Make a game plan: what stores will you be going to, in what order and looking for what item in each store (that’s where my posts will com in handy).
  • Wear comfortable shoes/clothing.
  • Consider bringing your own large reusable bags (pack more in and “green” friendly)
  • Pack water and a few snacks if you are in for the long haul.
  • Remember to show kindness! That hot toy is not worth putting someone’s eye out or using hurtful words. Especially toward the diligent employees that are having to work on this crazy day. It is all about the Joy of Giving, right?!

What are your thoughts on Black Friday? Once again this year many stores will be opening their doors on Thursday. Will you be in line? Do you have Black Friday traditions and/or tips? I always love to hear your perspective, so leave a comment!

Black Friday Deals on Mission to Save

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  1. KimH says

    Im with you.. Let me sit in front of the computer if I must shop on Black Friday. Only one time some 10 or 12 years ago did I go out with one of my stepdaughters on Black Friday and Im sure it was around 7 or 8 am… nowhere near the insanity others I know indulge in.

  2. Marie says

    Used to take part in the Black Friday madness. Not anymore. I started seeing better deals after Thanksgiving, Black Friday and even Cyber Monday. Also, the older I get I just can’t take the crowds and all the “madness” so to speak. Plus, I would much rather order online, no its in stock and have it shipped to my door most of the time for free.

  3. Jessica says

    I’m done with holiday shopping. I even did the shopping on behalf of my parents for my kids- they live in a very rural area and it’s a 60 mile drive to the nearest toy store for them. They aren’t comfortable with online shopping.

    I found some great deals on Lego Friends on I already scoped out some other deals and’s was better, plus free shipping.

    I went out on Black Friday last year – not early, though- when I was 36 weeks pregnant, and it was a big mistake. I got overheated, became very ill at Kohl’s, and vomited in the parking lot. I will engage in no such silliness this year, even though I’m not pregnant this time.

  4. Paula Santry says

    I’ve worked at the same retail store the last 18 years. I hate that we open earlier and earlier. Black Friday shoppers can be broken down into some very different groups. Here are a few: First are the professionals. They camp out, or pay people to hold their spot, and usually buy every ticketed doorbuster item that we sell. Then they re-sell it at a profit. These people ruin the holidays for me. They are the ones that run people over, argue with employees and are a real pain. Next are the people that don’t want to stand in line or camp out, but feel they have to because they think its the only way they can afford to buy a nice present for their family. I always stress to these people that they can often get better deals online. They don’t need to leave family gatherings or miss sleep to get a good deal. And then you have those strange, festive people that wear the Santa hats and are smiling all the way through their shopping trip. I’ll never understand how they have the patience and the energy, but I love them. If I have to work on Black Friday, then I want my store full of those happy, festive shoppers.
    One important thing to know – NEVER pay for a doorbuster ticket. Many professional scammers will make fake tickets and sell them in the parking lots of stores. The store can not and will not honor them.The police can’t do anything either. Every year I hear of at least 5-10 people that have given money to complete strangers for a worthless piece of paper.

    • says

      Paula- THANK YOU so much for your comment! Such sage advice on the “ticket” scams. I had no idea that went on. Sad… I LOVE to hear the perspective of someone who actually works on BF. I hope your store is FULL of Santa hats and tacky Christmas sweaters worn by smiling faces this year! :)

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