Arrgh- Mega Swag Booty Day on 9/19/12 (Yep Another Talk Like a Pirate Day Festivity)

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I’ve already told you that Wednesday, Sept. 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day. And here is another way to “celebrate”- a Swag Code Treasure Hunt and Mega Swag Booty Day! Log in or join Swagbucks today! If you’re ready to set sail on a treasure hunting adventure in uncharted waters, here’s what you need to know:

  • Download the treasure map for this swashbuckling extravaganza, which will help you with clues to find all the Swag Codes. Pay close attention for clues on the website, blog, social media pages and more to find the treasure chest.
  • The Swag Code Treasure Hunt starts Wednesday the 19th at 4 AM Pacific Time and give you the chance to win 60 SB.
  • Check out the SB Originals channel on SBTV Wednesday for a pirate’s guide to plundering on the site – and earn more towards your Swagbucks video earning meter at the same time.
  • Miss the Treasure Hunt? Don’t ye worry mate because Wednesday is also Mega Swag Booty Day so there are even more chances to haul in some loot. So get searching you scurvy dog! ;)

Still wondering what in the heck is Swagbucks? Read more about this awesome rewards program in this detailed post.

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